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    And even odder that he would “freak out” on them when they reject his advances, as Kate puts it. “It was just strange to see a full grown man berate a teenaged girl.” Below, an excerpt from Kate’s Skype conversation with Richardson, which she says she copied and saved into a Word document before signing off.

    Ashanti dating irv gotti

    And he sat down with us to build on the new show, the current status of Murder Inc, the rumors behind Ashanti and Irv’s sexual relationship, and how he feels the Internet has fucked the music industry. Irv Gotti: He approached me and at first I was reluctant to do it. But then he said this wouldn’t be like or any other reality show. And after we shot the pilot, I saw his vision and was like “Alright, let’s do it.” A major theme present in the show is that cheating broke up your marriage… In the beginning, did you think that Ja could successfully go back at him? Irv Gotti: [] Well, there are two parts of the show and it’s the tale of two families: the music family, me with my artists and my company and trying to get us back to dominance, and then my family at home and the uniqueness of that family. You’re pretty open to keeping it real on the show, but at one point, you kicked the camera crew out of the room because it got so personal. Irv Gotti: It was me and Deb having talks with Sonny about me and her getting a divorce. The combination of a lot of things that just hit us all at one time. Irv Gotti: Well he was the newest rapper and the hottest rapper, and it’s hard to go against that. ), better known as Irv Gotti, is an American hip hop and R&B record producer and is the founder of The Inc record label.Gotti was born in Queens, New York, and is of African American and Dominican descent.Speaking of material, Lloyd may very well be the collaboration king, as his material released as singles has been mostly collaboration efforts.His debut solo single “Southside” was an Ashanti collabo, and it turns out he enjoys vibing with other artists.“My creative mind said ‘This is something’ but my rational mind that has developed over time, through mistakes said, ‘you never know how people feel or what they’re going through or how they’ll react,” he explained.The scandalous retro asks, “Tell me where that p*ssy go / Cuz it don’t feel the same no mo’,” and mostly likely breaks the record saying the word “p*ssy” in a song, which may explain why the song is bigger overseas as opposed to the States; the market isn’t as sensitive to controversial material.

    Source: WENNJa Rule and Irv Gotti stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club for a very interesting and candid interview this morning. It’s deeper than just music and what we do business wise. I wasn’t there for a lot of things that I should’ve been there for. As far as being a good man and a good father, that I was. She recently came forward and kind of recanted her statement about some of the things she said in her book.”Gotti: “I don’t wanna be anywhere near Superhead. I’m really good friends with Gail and I said, ‘Gail, how y’all not having no rappers on, but you let the c**ksucker on there? You wanted to do all of this though.”Gotti: “Here’s the real. We made great music together and everything like that.

    The rise and fall of Irv Gotti has been well documented.

    He spent the early years of this decade basking in the success of the Murder Inc.

    it’s just a family thing.”Gotta: “It was an ‘Elle’ Magazine interview, she was on the cover. We made all of those records you love and we was very high. Here I am starting a family and starting a marriage and this union that was supposed to be my number one priority to make it work. When I fell upon hard times and they raided my offices and my life got turned upside down, certain people bailed.

    She lying.’ They asked me if “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny” was about Diddy and I was like, ‘Sure they are.'”Gotti: “Ecstasy was good. It is a unique skill that woman have, and you know, I wasn’t ready to be the man she was wanting me to be at that moment. You know, anything that you wanna do to the best of your abilities, you have to be somewhat selfish.

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