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    Dating a Hip Hop warrior who is always ready to go in for the kill is not easy for a well educated school teacher. Just like social network sites that are free, we do the same.

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    However, she can also be very pessimistic and downright negative, as she's always been self conscious about her looks and keeps comparing herself to other girls in school.

    After the break-up of the Plastics toward the end of her Junior year, Gretchen eventually joined the Cool Asians clique of North Shore High School.

    Some targets have told W5 they feared for their jobs if employers found out about the allegations.Gretchen continously tries to make a slang term, fetch, happen, even though everyone around her is annoyed by it.She has also shown to be really nice in certain situations, such as the moment she met Cady Heron and admired her bracelet.Emma put down her pen, studying Regina's sudden shyness. "He starts health class next week." She sat down again and pulled a folder from her briefcase.Emma flipped through the pamphlets on puberty and STDs before responding."You want me to have the sex talk with him? Regina closed the folder almost before Emma could get her hands out of the way, but left it on the desk.The pair meet on the show, both half-heartedly vying for the attentions of the same man (white, blandly good looking, mildly narcissistic) and doing an all too excellent job of it.This is what happens when you spend too much time discussing 'The Bachelor: NZ' with your work colleagues.Gretchen Wieners is one of the main characters in Mean Girls. She comes from an extremely rich family, as her father is the inventor of Toaster Strudel. She is the 'gossip girl' in the group and the loyal sidekick of Regina George."Parents are supposed to go over some of this stuff with their children before class starts."Emma nodded."Yeah, sure."Regina half smiled, sitting back in her chair and crossing her legs. I don't want you teaching my son to be…" She glanced down to the V of Emma's shirt, which was unbuttoned low across her chest.But Steve is among the few people who have decided to take on the Creep Catchers and try to win their reputations back.The Creep Catchers are a nationwide network of self-appointed pedophile hunters.We cut to Mary Margaret (30, Elementary School Teacher, Emma’s Best Friend), who says, “Emma needs to find true love. ” * Regina Mills vibrates with anger, staring across at her mother, and the only reason she’s not screaming and throwing things is that her ten-year-old son is in the room, slouched in one of Cora Mills’ office chairs and head moving from mother to grandmother like he’s watching a tennis match. “–and you fit with one of our target markets,” Cora continues as though Regina has never even spoken.

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