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    All names presented here were gathered at a past date. Science, because neuroscientists think that love, lust and bonding are the result of three separate brain circuits that can (to quite a degree) be influenced by the environment; and psychology because studies suggest who we get attracted to as adults is directly influenced by fantasies we had of the perfect parent at age five. Being a single over 50 does not have to mean the end of love.

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    A half-wall with a sliding window divided her area from the Director's area. Klokkenga held the director position from 1987 until spring of 2000. She also felt that Koll displayed discriminatory and harassing conduct toward her and others.

    The Store Director was the top position at individual Hy-Vee stores. Leslie decided to report her concerns.[¶ 4.] In mid-October of 2000, Leslie contacted Hy-Vee's Human Resources Department.

    Leslie's complaints to Bryant included Koll's bad language, his response of “fire the bitch” when ordering the termination of a female employee, and his jokes.

    The following day, pursuant to Hy-Vee's sexual harassment policies, Leslie contacted Ray Stewart, a Hy-Vee vice president.

    “When gender and severe harassment combine, the results are especially stark,” writes report author Maeve Duggan. I deleted our contact history from my phone and blocked him. But for thousands of women, and some men, the consequences of online actions have been dire.

    Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old from British Columbia, Canada, tragically ended her life, citing two years of online extortion and cyberbullying from a sexual predator as the cause of her depression.

    On April 20, 1995, Administrative Law Judge Dorothea A. Based upon a careful consideration of the record, the Request to Reopen the Record is denied, and the Initial Decision and Order is adopted as the Final Decision and Order, with omissions shown by dots, changes or additions shown by brackets, and minor editorial changes not specified. At the oral hearing, the Complainant declined to set forth the specific civil penalty which it was seeking, but instead, chose to indicate that it was seeking in excess of 0,000.00 and a permanent revocation of the Respondents' license. This statement must at least describe the animals by their official USDA identification numbers. In furtherance of this position, the Respondents maintain, firstly, that their records, as subsequently completed, do not reflect holding-period violations; secondly, that during this period there was a change in the regulations of which they were unaware; and thirdly, that the Complainant has failed to carry its burden with respect to the dates of acquisition and disposition of the dogs in question. The Complainant's evidence demonstrates that the Respondents' system does not fully disclose the required information.

    The case was referred to the Judicial Officer for decision on July 25, 1995. In due course, the parties filed briefs, the last brief having been filed February 27, 1995. However, if the certification is attached to a certificate provided by a prior dealer which contains the required description, then only the official identification numbers are required; (4) The name and address of the person, pound, or shelter from which the dog or cat was acquired by the dealer, and an assurance that the person, pound, or shelter was notified that the cat or dog might be used for research or educational purposes; (6) If the dealer acquired the dog or cat from a pound or shelter, a signed statement by the pound or shelter that it met the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section. The Respondents maintain that the Complainant has failed to show violations of the holding-period requirements.

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    Random source means dogs and cats obtained from animal pounds or shelters, auction sales, or from any person who did not breed and raise them on his or her premises.] § 2.133 Certification for random source dogs and cats. This point was addressed in In re: Rudolph Vrana, d/b/a Vrana Research Animals, 43 Agric. 1758, 1762-1763, AWA [Docket No.] 244, November 6, 1984: "The purposes of this bill, as amended, are (1) to protect the owners of dogs and cats from theft of such pets, (2) to prevent the use or sale of stolen dogs or cats for purposes of research or experimentation, and (3) to establish humane standards for the treatment of dogs, cats, and certain other animals . The Respondents maintained false records relating to acquisition of dogs from pounds, inasmuch as the animals were not acquired from a pound or shelter (as represented), nor born and raised on the premises of the persons from whom acquired.

    , the online system where you will complete the enrollment process and attend Iowa Connections Academy.

    You will have 24-hour access to your personalized account in Connexus, where you will find updates on the progress of your student’s enrollment.

    claiming sexual harassment and retaliatory discharge. Hy-Vee moved for and was granted summary judgment on both claims. Her duties included employee orientation, reviewing store manuals, and processing payroll. During the six months Leslie and Koll worked together, Leslie became concerned about Koll.

    Sogn of Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, Sioux Falls, SD, for plaintiff and appellant. [¶ 1.] Anita Leslie brought an action against Hy-Vee Foods, Inc. FACTS AND PROCEDURE[¶ 2.] Leslie began her employment with Hy-Vee No. She received her final promotion in 1994 to personnel manager; she retained that position until she was terminated in 2000.

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